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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ

Airdrop CryptoBharatCoin (CBC) Total Reward: Up to 25 CBC [~$25] + 1 CBC per ref.

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Crypto Academy Airdrop by Latoken
Reward: 13 CAC [~$13] + 1$ per ref.
Step-by-step guide:
1.  Start https://t.me/latoken_airdrops_bot?start=smpt3p4r-airdrop_CAC
2.  Register at Latoken and pass level 2 KYC.
3.  Submit your E-mail to the bot that you used for signing up to the Latoken Exchange.
4.  Complete social tasks.
5.  Click on "Quiz" and here is the answer: 
(1) 9000000
(2) 2 
(3) 3000000 
(4) 3 
(5) 18.
6.  Buy 5+ CAC on Latoken (Optional: 5 CAC)

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