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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
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Sensei Minato

Combining blockchain transparency, security and immutability with a gold standard

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SGC is one of the next generation blockchain that supports future Hybrid Coin Coins. SGC blockchain was initially released with 60% Gold Support, and 40% Utility. The SGC Blockchain has been developed to enable Security, Stability, and much better Use on the decentralized Internet world


By creating a hybrid blockchain by attaching real-world asset certification to gold and any assets that might be obtained registered in the future, SGC aims to make the world a safe place. SGC Blockchain can be compared to others in the table. Coin-backed assets are inventions for the future This is a blockchain coin supported by real valuable assets mostly with a ratio of 1:1 but can be changed depending on platform requirements Supporting coins with tangible or intangible real economic value objects makes the value of the coin exactly the value they support. So,there is never a risk of losing digital assets until the value of the assets falls. Gold-backed coins are the safest and mainstream because the price of gold is stable. SGC gives the audience the payment options supported by the best assets to develop 60% gold coins


e-commerce platform for point of sale payments via SGC PAY debit card. Hybrid coins are the future. Withstand all property of a coin supported asset that is safe and stable as well The utility of coin utility, SGC is the solution for all payments, and crypto problems facing the world. Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger that makes it possible safe, fast, and cost-effective transactions to be made in no time. With a blockchain, stored data cannot be changed once entered which makes it a perpetual, distributed ledger

Blockchain with an extraordinary ability to secure data provided several features for its users such as data transparency, unchanging, faster transactions, and most importantly, no third party involvement in transaction propagation


SGC Consensus SGC blockchain




SGC is a hybrid blockchain supported by assets that can be mined with the world's first crypto assets. The SGC reward system was introduced to compensate network miners for PoW. SGC Blockchain has a limited supply that will be released until 2062, and thus for each year there are different rewards for miners.


On the SGC blockchain, the time to generate the block is set 14.5 seconds while prize blocks in SGC start from 0.52 The SGC coins will gradually decrease each year until 2024, after that it will be constant at 0.11 SGC coins per block. Both time and prizes for one block have been calculated according to the total number of blocks to be produced in one year. Every year 2,174,897 blocks will be broadcast on SGC blockchain network.


In the SGC blockchain, transaction validation and prize distribution is carried out through Proof of Work currently used by bitcoin and ethereum. when the transaction is broadcast on the network, the miners start the battle to verify the transaction by filling in the cryptographic puzzle hash. The person who solves the puzzle first will add the transaction to the block and broadcast it on the network. In exchange, the miner gets a prize in the form of coins. However, there have been a number of changes that were implemented in the block making and distribution of gift blocks on the SGC Blockchain


SGC Blockchain, than the SGC Explorer. The SGC Stats will allow the users to see the statistics like network blocks




To go further into the SGC Blockchain it gives Statistics to its users, which gives a deeper insight into the SGC Blockchain, rather than the SGC Explorer. SGC Stat will allow users to see statistics like


1. network block
2. block of time
3. network speed
4. the last block miner
5. gas prices
6. gas limit
7. hash difficulty level


number of pending transactions All transactions that have not been added to the blockchain. In this way, gold certificates are generated and attached to all these transactions. The system also checks how much inventory (SGC coins) have been added during this date and according to that inventory, the amount of physical gold stored in a safe safe. Therefore, all transactions added during the specified range must have the same gold certificate with the same certificate ID.


SGC has developed the SGC Blockchain explorer to enable users to gain insight into the blockchain and the activities that occur therein. SGC Blockchain Explorer updates users about insights from SGC Blockchain.


transactions to the block are made, and even block difficulties In addition to the traditional statistics from the blockchain explorer, SGC Explorer will also provide information about gold certificates. This information shows details of the gold level attached to the initial wallet and initial transaction. So SGC provides transparency and trust to users to make it easier and more profitable
they trade SGC2.


For more information, visit the link below




★AUTHOR: Minato

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