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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
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Bcnex - Electronic Money Trading Platform

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Electronic money transactions recognize an essential part of the big path of e-finance. This is where individuals can exchange other encrypted currencies to modernize cash or fiat currencies like US dollars or euros. These deals deal with buyers and sellers and charge you from each exchange. There are basically two types of transactions; Combining transactions and transactions. Cross transactions are ranked, for example, affiliate branches are agencies that participate on their stage.

They often continue as a basic part of contact for new people, who tend to exchange cash in their view of the easy-to-use and vivid interface in their operations. The task of an integrated transaction is clear and organized and a classification estimate will make the system classified. Not at the smallest level like access transactions, decentralized accessories.


Agreements are relevant regardless of whether they run with dangerous stores, such as downtime and unsafe downtime as well as better customer protection. The authorized transactions again do not require any representation of the character, similarly, security issues such as the overhaul of the hierarchy appear.


Transactions do not hold money for customers and instead, customers are specially connected, indicating that you do not need to emphasize the security of pre-encrypted transactions. For any customer package, explore the use of hierarchical transactions consistently, which helps reduce liquidity, showing differences in transactions related to these lines.


Therefore, Bcnex trading floor was born, Bcnex is an electronic money trading platform developed to provide the best trading platform, safety and most considerate user support.


Birth of Bcnex:

A place to buy, exchange and trade tokens based on blockchain and a variety of digital assets in Vietnam and the rest of the world. Since 2006 when we first joined the Forex market, we have researched and developed a number of automated Forex trading systems. In 2009, we deployed a real-time data application system to handle coin auction and system matching transactions, and finally to operate the trading platform for partners. Our foreign countries.


BCNex will continue to grow and improve to provide users with the best trading experience possible. It is the core principle of our business philosophy.

The outstanding features of Bcnex trading floor:

1. Safe and stable  :

This is a highly secured trading platform with microservice architecture that meets the most demanding needs of customers.

Bcnex has built a security system across multiple floors from building a strong fire trust or using denial-of-service attack tools when something goes wrong.


2. Processing speed

Bcnex has an extremely fast processing speed of up to 2000,000 orders per second.


3. BCOMS order matching system:

It is a component of buying and selling orders when trading. This is the most important component of Bcnex and is built with great care. BCOMS has very low latency and has speeds of up to 2 million transactions per second, this is the fastest speed today.


4. Stable high dispersion system

Bcnex always maintains high stability up to 99.99%. Bcnex uses microservice model, the system is divided into small services with separate database, so that Bcnex can easily change and expand when needed without affecting the whole system


Partners of Bcnex:


BCNX Token:

Bcnex works with the original token named BCNX. There will be exactly 200,000,000 (two hundred million) BCNX issued and the number will never increase. BCNX is the standard token ERC223 released on the Ethereum blockchain.


For more information:

Website: https://www.bcnex.net/

Telegram: https://t.me/Bcnex_Official

Whitepaper: https://www.bcnex.net/docs/BCNEX_WP_ENG.pdf

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