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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
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In 2008, Bitcoin was introduced as a cryptocurrency, invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in the form of open source software, with a mission to change the way we make payments and trade goods through truly new currencies. Bitcoin offers tremendous transaction advantages such as freedom, security , a high level of control for the user itself and a fully transparent platform. All of the benefits of Bitcoin are activated by Blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology is a discovery that creates a decentralized network based on peer-to-peer network protocols, which allows each computer on the network to become a server, making a big difference to conventional centralized networks. ETH) created by Vitalik Buterin - Russian developer. He has succeeded in bringing Blockchain technology to a new level when integrating Smart Contracts into the current Blockchain protocol, now known as Blockchain 2.0 or the Blockchain Utility. 


At the end of 2017, Blockchain technology is truly aligned, not only with software developers but also with full attention from governments, major banking organizations, financial funds, investors and almost all social classes, attracting hundreds of billions of dollars, creating financial market fertility and promoting many Blockchain projects in a row. Some of the Utility Blockchain projects are quite successful like Tron, EOS, STEEM, etc. gradually approaching their completion, opening the Era of Decentralized Applications (Dapps).Dapps are decentralized applications that run on the Blockchain peer-to-peer Utility network, allowing developers to expand Dapps in various fields: entertainment, finance, gaming, real estate, health care, insurance, ... Following this success, 2019 is the year of growth strong for Dapps because the number of Dapps projects is growing more and more along with investment in quality, time and finance to build a large user community with great values from Dapps.
Dapp potential


By 2019, decentralized applications (Dapps) are becoming increasingly popular because of their superior advantages over traditional applications, especially based on the existing Blockchain platform with overcrowded users. In addition, dApp has the ability to run on peer-to-peer networks, not just from traditional servers; therefore, information from users is not subject to the control of any company entity or entity.Dapps give maximum privileges to the user because of the unprecedented superiority of the application through transparency, stability and high security when used. The DABANKING project was born with a noble mission to become a Blockchain Utility platform in creating an environment to build Dapps with decentralized entertainment services with transparency, 

The Potential of the Blockchain Gaming Market


In recent years we have still witnessed a strong rise and rapid growth of the gaming industry. According to a report on 10/2017, there are 2.3 billion users who use this industry service, generating large revenues of $ 105 billion every year. A common problem in game development today is the inability to prove the existence and ownership of in-game assets, causing a lot of fraud . Smart contracts allow users to feel confident that they will receive assets / goods that are authenticated when they are bound by the blockchain. Exchanging in-game items is now a profitable industry that is estimated to reach $ 50 billion and is expected to increase rapidly. "Unique" non-commensurate tokens are one of the most important contributions that blockchain has given to the gaming industry. Each token has a unique identity that represents a type of virtual asset. These virtual assets can be bought and sold on any decentralized trading platform, eliminating unnecessary costs and risks from third parties. These digital items can be anything from game skins to virtual cards with high rarity.

Games developed with Blockchain Technology can present valuable features such as:

  • Track and authenticate ownership of types of digital assets.
  • Reducing costs for third parties.
  • Secure payment system based on blockchain.
  • Integrating the blockchain into your game increases competitiveness against traditional games.
  • Exchange digital assets easily with high liquidity ...

Provisions to join DABANKING


To use the DABANKING platform, you must have:

  • Metamask Wallet installed on your computer or TrustWallet on your mobile;
  • Having Ethereum (ETH) is available at Metamask or Trust wallet;
  • Visit the Dabanking.io website to start experiencing our great services.

FomoJackpot and FomoGame


One of the first Dapp products from DABANKING is the FomoJackpot lottery program based on blockchain technology together with Game Dapp collectively called FomoGame, which helps participants not only entertain after a tired day but also at the same time increase their income in an easy way. FomoGame is an independent DApp system in the DABANKING ecosystem built on the Blockchain Ethereum. It promotes absolute fairness and transparency for users, thereby helping users to have great experiences in all applications in the DABANKING ecosystem. 

Prize Distribution

All tickets purchased by ETH are allocated as follows:


  • 50% becomes an award
  • 20% Instant Income
  • 17%: Referral Income
  • 10% of dividends
  • 3% Develop new products

Mining DAA Tokens


The DAA Token has a maximum inventory of 20,000,000 DAA and is gradually being exploited when users buy tickets and play games with ETH and this is the only way to get DAA tokens. 

The DAA Token will be registered in the free exchange and the DABANKING developer will use the DAA redemption token to the DAB token at the appropriate rate at different times.

Distribution of DAA Tokens


60% for Miners 
20% for 
10% Product Development for 10% Marketing 
for Partners 

DAA Burning Token

When a community plays games through DAA Tokens, all platform DAA Tokens will be in the token pool. Every 2 weeks the system will automatically burn 50% DAA in the token pool. While burning DAA in the token pool, also burns the amount of DAA tokens in the developer's wallet at the level of 60:40 (burning 6 DAA tokens in the token pool, burning 4 DAA developer wallets) .


DABANKING aims at long-term development, delivering entertainment services to a decentralized application platform, giving back power to users. The development team has come up with a long-term strategy to make DABANKING a strong ecosystem that allows millions of customers to experience our services. 

  • Q4 / 2018-Q1 / 2019:
    Build a development team, prepare detailed plans and prepare the technology foundation.
  • Q2 / 2019:
    Officially introducing the game ecosystem in DApp and starting to develop the DAB Token mining community.
  • Q3 / 2019: 
    Register DAA Tokens and DAB Tokens on free exchanges and integrate new games.
  • Q4 / 2019:
    Open the Swap port from DAA Token to DAB Tokens for users. Add a new Game Dapp.
  • When the community reaches 3 million users, DABANKING will officially announce its own Blockchain and exchange DAB Token to the new DABAKING Blockchain.

To get more accurate and accurate information please visit the link below: 

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