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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
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Render It Coin

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Render It, is a computer graphics rendering solution provider established out of passion for hardware and innovative
technologies. As a business we rent out expensive, high performance hardware, to aid in performing various tasks, to
professional firms or creative individuals, who cannot afford to purchase or maintain such equipment. Our goal is to shift the costs of computational power to minimum, while also reducing the price of our service selection.
Render It Coin features

  1. Powered by Ethereum
    Ethereum powered design of our coin will inherit recognition that these
    smart contract based currencies already have and will be well recognized
    by global exchange. As Ethereum already leverages the capabilities of
    Blockchain, our coin also succeeds the amazing features of this innovative
    technology like, worldwide access, decentrilization, annonimity, fraud
    prevention and more.
  2. Constant value at Render It
    We developed and introduced Render It Coin, therefore it will always
    maintain its value when used as means of payment in exchange for services
    offered on our platform.
  3. Withdrawable
    During ICO coins will be available to be withdrawn at any time. You can
    withdraw purchased tokens to your wallet during and after the ICO.
  4. Coin backed by high specification hardware assets

Company – Render It
The company was established on the green isles of Ireland, that has been our home for over a decade, along with Render It we also run our individual separate businesses that also revolve around technology. Our establishment began when we discovered that we share common goals and interests, computer hardware

Cryptocurrency – Render It Coin
Render It Coin, symbolized by RNDIT and for simplicity refered to as‘coin’ or ‘token’ for purpose of this paper, is our own cryptocurrency designed and powered by an ERC20 smart contract brought by Ethereum
[2]. Owned, designed and managed by our company Render It, it will act as a main payment method and a mediator currency for all other supported forms of payments that we accept in exchange for our services. As it currently remains in the birth stages, it is being offered in a phase, commonly called ‘Initial Coin Offering’ or ‘ICO’ for short by experts in this business area, at little price rates and can be attained using common credit card payment forms and even popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin [1] or Ethereum.
In Render It Coin, we decided to tackle this problem with a unique approach. We will use the funds raised during an ICO to build our own wind turbine! As a renewable energy source, it is used to provide electricity to our farm so that everyone can use their energy to power their equipment!
ico rating
Our ICO rating assesses the overall quality and viability of the product, the team and the technical implementation. It is calculated using a weighted formula with five factors and a separate industry expert score. Each factor evaluates one aspect of the project and its weight is related to its importance set by blockchain and financial professionals. Our assessment methodology.

MARCH, 2017Development & Team Structuring.

SEPTEMBER, 2017Location of premises for server storage 3000 square meters and first purchase of rendering equipment at a total cost of € 45,000.

NOVEMBER – DECEMBER 2017The beginning of our collaboration with animation studios; Signing a perpetual contract with ProSoft Ireland for the supply of electrical appliances; Completed a perpetual contract with Altaria Studio Poland to provide computing power
JANUARY, 2018 Provision of our computer power services for regular customers.

FEBRUARY, 2018 purchase of additional equipment for a total cost of € 20,000; Estimated monthly net income of 3,500 € from our services.

MARCH, 2018Official registration of our company in Ireland and start of the website of renderit.farm.

APRIL, 2018Cryptocurrency design as a means of payment to receive funds for the needs of the company’s development and to minimize the costs of the results.

MAY, 2018 Implementing Render It Coin as an Ethereum Agreement (ERC20) and publishing our website.

JUNE – SEPTEMBER 2018The start of the pre-ICO sale. Writing and composing an informative whitepaper; Launch of the first coin offer Crowdsale & Advertising.

OCTOBER – DECEMBER, 2018Our coin switches to local and external stock exchange listing; Creating crypto roles on our servers to secure customer financial data and their cryptocurrencies; Creating an online market and currency exchange in the European Union on our servers.

JANUARY, 2019 Acquisition of land for the construction of a multimedia campus using funds from investors; Creating new employment opportunities and opening a training center with the aim of recruiting creative, inventive people; Raising capital to acquire a private wind turbine to minimize the cost of its use; Expanding our facilities with additional high-end computer hardware; Development of mobile rendering applications and remote access software (freeware); Sharing our computing power with universities, research institutions and scientific institutions; Donate 1% of our revenue to charity.

Grzegorz Dzikowski

Co-Founder CEO & Hardware Specialist

Szymon ‘Simon’ Gnjadek

Co-founder CEO, hardware and software specialist

“Remy” Chincha Remix

Co-founder CEO, IT & Hardware Specialist

Tomasz ‘Thomas’ Jaworski

Animation and rendering expert

Michał Hryciuk

Software Engineer and Lead Web Developer

Shikha Dadhwal

Social media manager

For more information visit the following link:




Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1530135

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