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abeni taiwo

SportsCastr-Backed FanChain

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Dear reader. So the weekend is near, which means that for you, I have prepared a promising review. FanChain aims to create a decentralized global sports entertainment ecosystem that uses a unique token platform to stimulate and stimulate active participation, content production and Ecosystem growth. With the SportsCastr broadcast platform in real-time, FanChain Token commentators can be paid, broadcasting their respective comments to choose their own Amateur base, which gives consumers the choice of television as their favorite commentator.

As a FanChain symbol is the fuel that drives the digital economy, and the SportsCastr user program respects participants, SportsCastr will act as a powerful addition to new supporters of Fanchain Tokens. SportsCastr offers incentives and rewards to its users - both makers and viewers - through a two-currency system. This two-way system includes currencies in the Tix application that simulates common currencies used in social games (such as FarmVille, clash of clans) and fanchain tokens that make tokens in the Astraleum Block Chain.
Users can buy "Tix" through the IAP via the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store (if SportsCastr for Android comes out). Users can do their Tix at the digital sports level (phase I) as well as on subscription channels and PPV events (phase II). Whenever the token fanchain owner's token is transferred to the SportsCastr platform you can redeem through Tix via the built-in FanWallet.
Sam SportsCastr also awards the most involved and guides users through the fanchain pool marker, based on the consistency and quality of their contribution to the SportsCastr community. Other elements of the game, including monthly rankings and prizes, allow writers and viewers to participate and contribute to the community.
All SportsCastr platform users will face the FanWallet user interface which is easy to use and very safe. The wallet allows users to send and receive FanChain tokens, Convert FanChain tokens to Tix, and Track in-app revenues and purchases. Phase I in the field of digital control products SportsCastr will allow viewers to reward channels with digital tips in the form of amedian labels and brands. Fans can use this digital element to try their favorite users via broadcast after they receive a response. Viewers who send the most valuable Products to the digital ratings of broadcast fans have gained popularity and are paying attention to their own flow (ie around $ 6 million per quarter of digital purchases now presented side by side, starting from the second quarter of 2017)
SportsCastr's crypto-economic model is designed to grow and support the evolving FanChain ecosystem. This is achieved through the maintenance of Community Growth Pool and by offering incentives to partners to use SportsCastr (and Mints) using "Partner Incentive Pool".

What is CGP?
CGP stands for Community Growth Pool

Some tokens (10%) will be available for community groups. Community Growth Pool will facilitate the adoption of the early SportsCastr, Mint and FanChain tokens. CGP will be released at 33% per year and will be fully distributed for the third year. CGP distribution is intended to provide incentives for content producers and users involved. Most of the CGP will be distributed with the help of victims, incentives for users and competition in the community. Initially, the algorithmic part will be calculated every day based on the CGP SportsCastr reward algorithm.
f (x) = total activity / user activity * every daily pool
CGP results are early users - content producers and content consumers - accept FanChain tokens regardless of whether they are digital goods or attract premium customers to your channel. When other Mints join the FanChain ecosystem in the first three (3) years, algorithms and prizes can be configured to use cases from various platforms.
What is PIP?
PIP means Part Part Incentive
Part of a FanChain token (10%), which will be stored in the partner's incentive pool. The goal of PIP - to ensure the success of the ICO, to maintain the health of tokens and awards from key partners, including teams, leagues, and copyright holders, and media companies using SportsCastr, to Mint, to offer payments to FanChain token holders and integrate them into FanChain ecosystems . PIP will be fully distributed by the end of the third year. At the end of the third year, each token remaining in the PIP will be transferred to CGP. Examples of PIP usage include:

• Secure marketing, public relations and community partner management during the ICO phase.
• Get live sports events by SportsCastr (available for viewing using TIX or FanChain markers)
• Provide incentives for large partners to get FanChain, become Mint, or integrate FanPay
• Promote the use of SportsCastr SDK to the OTT partner platform
• Provide third party FanChain software development to improve ecosystems
• Attractive enthusiasts (athletes, celebrities) to use SportsCast and produce FanChain Bookmark viewers
• Provide sponsors to promote and market SportsCastr and FanChain
• FanChain Securities List
• Creating premium content.
• Offer prizes to FanChain token holders in FanPrizes.


FanChain: FANZ
TOKEN TYPE: ERC20 with ERC721-style characteristics



MAXIMUM TOKEN FOR SALE TO PUBLIC: 330 MM (Including personal and pre-sale)
CGP: 60MM Distributed More Than 3 Years
PIP: 60MM Distributed More Than 3 Years
POWER: 18MM Distributed More Than 3 Years BACKUP
COMPANY: 120MM (Including future founders, teams, advisors and employees)





 website: https://www.qryptos.com/ico/FANZ
White Paper: https://qryptos.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/ico_project_info/white_paper_file/9/QUOINE_FanChain_WhitePaper_1.0g.compressed.pdf
Reddit: https: //www.reddit.com/r/SportsCastr/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sportscastr
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HMX3kA5Y_7f1BO7i_jRqSA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sportscastrlive
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/sportscastr/

Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1460674


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