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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
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Rather than be curious about a very profitable project, please read the article I wrote below:

The first time I heard about Bitcoin is in 2010, where the price of Bitcoin is still about 10 cents (US Dollar). 
At that time, I have not invested. Then I re-read about cryptocurrency in 2015, when Bitcoin price has reached about 200 US Dollars. Again I did not invest.
 At that time, it was very difficult to find a guide about cryptocurrency. None of my friends has or understands 
how Blockchain or cryptocurrency works. I decided to write this guide to help you start investing in the blockchain world.FOLLOW ME AND THANK ME LATER.



Our platform combines a number of new features dedicated to enhancing the experience of our exchange users. NOT Only Technology features behind Our Revolutionary exchanges, IT will also be optimized for reviews Being user friendly. This will support new individuals entering the Crypto Market, while providing many features to accommodate the needs of cryptocurrency investors who turn pale experienced.
1. We are the across the board Blockchain Asset Solution.
2. Assurance is the thing that we take a stab at.
3. Subsidiary both as a here and now and long haul venture.
Bithemoth trade was made utilizing 3 Main columns; Accessibility , Usability and Profitability .
Made by a coalescence of tyro business visionaries and experienced financial specialists, Bithemoth joins the experience of his group to audit crypto trades that incorporate ALL that will channel how the cryptographic mazuma cash is exchanged. Our stage will join a few incipient highlights to disunite itself from past trades, and build up itself in the crypto advertise. Utilizing on the assorted variety of our group, we make a solid and solid trade that won't just address the issues of financial specialists under conventional control, yet supplementally will disentangle the procedure, notwithstanding sanctioning individual non-innovation to commence exchanging.
Stage Speed
Another issue that we will examine is the present swapping scale. A few financial specialists have griped about the celerity of snails that are traded for mazuma, which establishes substantial misfortunes. In perspective of the above, we are a future examination of our trades to ensure multifariousness and celerity. We will accomplish this by establishing a solid establishment for the stage to develop. This will ensure that the trade will have the capacity to keep up efficacy if there is a flood in client enrollment. Furthermore, we will likewise dole out a avail group that will be charged obligation regarding settling client inquiries and grievances in the most brief conceivable time.
Client benefit
The greatest test looked by financial specialists in the crypto showcase is the issue of client administration and support. The difficulties go from lethargic avail groups to inconsiderate staff individuals. From our perceivability examine, we found that there was never a trade with a world class bolster group. At Bithemoth, we put an incentive on the speculator exchanging background, which is the reason we keep up a sublime exchanging condition. We understand that having a world class bolster group can't be over stressed. To confront this test, we will utilize top-class client benefit specialists to work in our client benefit units. These specialists will be enough prepared and affirmed to deal with client inquiries and protests. We will make an assignment point to prepare and keep up our client benefit group, and the expenses will be borne by Bithemoth. This preparation will fit the unparalleled gauges of our trade with the relational aptitudes of our staff individuals. That is not all, we will just pick the best possibility for vocations to diminish the holding up time that clients will get a reaction from us. After the client reports an issue, our client administration will react to the protestation at the earliest opportunity accommodatingly. Exchanging background is the desideratum of the Bithemoth group and we are spurred to assemble the best avail group.


Project Vision
September 2017
Creation Team
October 2017
Development begins
December 2017
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
Beta launch
Q3 2018
Full release of effects
Q4 2018
Global Marketing Campaign
Q3 2018
Launch of Cellular Application
Q4 2018
Patent and Product License
Q4 2018
Market Implementation
Estimated Q1 2019
Wallet Integration hardware
Estimated Q4 2019
Brick and mortar shop
Estimated Q4 2019
                                                              FOUNDATION TEAM
                                                                 DEVELOPMENT TEAM
for more information visit the links below

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