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Выплаты за 04.10.2018

10.04.18 14:36 Account Transfer -3.45 Sent Payment: 3.45 USD to account U49794XX from U18309354. Batch: 230962531. Memo: BitMine Group 

10.04.18 13:51 Account Transfer -4.58 Sent Payment: 4.58 USD to account U13418XX from U18309354. Batch: 230957830. Memo: BitMine Group 

10.04.18 13:50 Account Transfer -4.23 Sent Payment: 4.23 USD to account U160687XX from U18309354. Batch: 230957772. Memo: BitMine Group 

10.04.18 13:49 Account Transfer -3.22 Sent Payment: 3.22 USD to account U186210XX from U18309354. Batch: 230957680. Memo: BitMine Group

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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ

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