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KuBitX is one of the strongest and strongest crypto currency trading platforms designed to use the Simple and Accessibility idea, allowing teachers from all walks of life to embrace the Blockchain Technological revolution and invest in crypto currency.

The KuBitX Ecosystem uses the KuBitX Tradet mechanism, in which the KuBitX wallet is protected, and the administrator control panel is advanced to be able to organize activities on the Trade Exchange.

Focuses on unexplored demographic data with high potential for their inclusion via the crypto currency market.

See also Video below on all the work procedures of this KuBitX Project in work :

Vision and Mission of KuBitX Project.

Our goal is one of the most diverse crypto currency markets for buyers and sellers. We also strive for this by developing a strong trading machine capable of providing regular banking services through our financial service providers and launching Ambassador programs for information dissemination and adoption.

The KuBitX team includes a group of talented and experienced professionals having considerable experience from Fortune 500 and the “Big Four” consulting firm, which defines inclusion and acceptance as a major component of growth for the currency cryptocurrency market. As a result, many “brainstorming” and “thinking” sessions of this team are able to generate unique ideas such as built-in financial services functions, in addition to the fact that the coin recording process is convenient in terms of time and cost.

The security platform on the KuBitx platform is a serious issue. In fact, it not only develops on-site security systems, but also plans to inform users about various hacker attacks on the platform.

To improve security, there are five efforts being made, namely :

1. Save the password, but not the actual password on the server.
2. All market participants data is encrypted using AES-256 before being entered into the database.
3. KuBitx has developed a security architecture to ensure proper encryption key storage.
4. Autonomous protection using a wallet system.
5. The KuBtix system develops third-party verification codes and has been functionally tested.

Today, Asian and African markets are covered more than traditional bank systems. All banks are controlled, but there are people who become controllers, because P2P transactions can be done on the phone.

Philosophy in the Blockchain plus third party era and use of P2P transactions. In Africa, there are many market players who are not affiliated with banks. Thus, KuBitx will train them in using Blockchain Technology in financial terms.

The KuBitx business model consists of revenues from commissions in the trading market and administrative costs. This section will provide information on how KBX and token revenue has been integrated into the system.

Advantages of the KuBitX Project.

1. High Speed.

  • Our platforms are highly scalable, ready to receive new features to improve our user experience.

2. Safe.

  • We do extensive benchmarking with the current platform, which allows us to take some steps forward, plus our security team comes from the best organization.

3. Blockchain Technology.

  • Our tokens were originally based on the Ethereum block chain. We plan to start our own chain in the near future, which will then be very useful in many cases, such as the most common issues of social, communal, administrative and managerial activity in developing countries.

4. Ecosystems.

  • We believe that, since strong supporters of colleagues are equal to the payment ecosystem, the traditional financial system will eventually be partially replaced due to a growing breach of trust, censorship, and public education.

5. Low Tasks.

  • Our costs are the lowest, even lower, when you decide to use our own KBX token to pay a fee. The trading fee for KuBitX exchange is 0.05%, but users who prefer to use KuBitcoin tokens (KBX) as the payment method for commercial costs will receive a 25% discount compared to the original commission for trading.

=> Trading fee = 0.05%.
=> Trading fee using KBX marker = 0.0375%.

6. Minimum Risk.

  • Our strategy with some cool wallet and warehouse signatures will minimize the impact of our trader’s funds. We have combined various strategies to secure funding on our platform.

KuBitX Token.

  • Ticker : KBX.
  • Token type : ERC20, (Ethereum).
  • Decimal : 18
  • Total shipping : 500,000,000
  • Currency received : ETH.
  • Soft cover : 10,000 ETH.
  • Hard cover : 25.000 ETH.

TGE Details :

  • Season round : continues. End of July 16, 2018.
  • Preliminary round : July 16 – August 31, 2018.
  • Public round : TBC.

Token Distribution :


Distribution Fund :


For more information on ICO and Token development, you can look directly at the two Links below :

  1. https://www.kubitx.io/
  2. https://kubitx.io/KuBitX_Whitepaper_v1.1_En.pdf


Q4 2017 :

  • Project Initiation.
  • Project Feasibility Study.
  • Benchmarking.

Q1-Q2 2018 :

  • Project Engagement.
  • Team Settings.
  • Legal Process for Establishment in Malta.
  • Making Whitepaper, (First Draft: Business)
  • Investor involvement Angel / Seed.

Q3 2018 :

  • Project execution.
  • The launch of Kuabit Channels Ambassadors (Flagship Countries).
  • Prototype.
  • Start the preliminary round of TGE.
  • Launch of Exchange Soft, (BETA).

Q3-Q4 2018 :

  • Project Execution, (Terms).
  • Stage 1: Integrate financial services with KuBitX.
  • End of Pre-Public round.
  • Redeem GO-LIVE.
  • TGE general round.
  • GLOBAL Promotion.

Q1-Q4 2019/2020 :

  • Project Add-ons.
  • Kubitchain – KuBitX Exchange is now in KuBitX Blockchain.
  • Platform Redesign.
  • Continuous improvement.





Advisory Team.



The purpose of the KuBitX Project.

We aim to offer a one-stop platform for our users. Many countries and citizens have been left behind in a new revolution called Blockchain, we will connect the dots and offer the best service using best practices from top global organizations.

If you are interested in joining, or you want to be more clear to know all the latest developments from the KuBitX Project, you can immediately see all the links below :


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