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Online Project - offering a more non-trackable, malware and ad free Internet.

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In the age of globalization and information, cybersecurity has become, undoubtedly, one of the major concerns on the whole "Internet of Things" around the world. The main challenges here related to browsing experience provide opportunities for cyber crimes related to intellectual property, identity verification and personal data protection. Privacy is often violated through malware and sensitive information is collected without notifying the consumer.

At present, a person paying for Internet and Online Company believes that advertising should not be undermining it, and in addition, in their intended use environment, the Internet will be free and Internet service providers will receive money for this. The company wants to achieve the result that no one can track your data, their system will operate in real time. Of course, the company will provide antivirus protection to users, which will reduce the probability of maliciously detecting viruses on the web, and users will be able to use the computer network in a Safe without threatening your important data. . Online companies, have identified such problems for users as online advertising, which significantly slows down the viewing of necessary information for users. With their solution,2.png.1c84b25092ac3969aa0e32c22d4ac790.png


Online.io has developed a good solution in creating a global and decentralized ecosystem for safer, faster and more private browsing through the Online.io platform operating on the mechanisms blockchain. It should be emphasized that Online.io may be considered one of the earliest adopters of the "Internet of Values", thus attracting many institutional investors to pour in the form of ICO - a new way of raising funds. through the issuance of the basic project token. Let us examine this commitment in more detail.

A big plus for all of this is that it's easy to use, and you'll need to download the extension for your browser, both for your computer and for your mobile device. And the program will work automatically. A mobile application will still work, and as a wallet and will also protect your applications. The wallet will work on all major operating systems and sellers will accept payment by their API system or modules available for the most popular ecommerce software solutions such as shopify, prestashop, opencart, magento and other tools. In addition, the company will implement a ranking system for sites where users can place a star rating from 1 to 5 points so users know which site to trust and which page should not.





  1. Ethereum Based Our solution uses the standard ERC20 token from the Ethereum platform ensuring complete transparency and accountability, meaning that all transactions will be displayed on public BlockChain.

  2. No Ads At this time, web users are paying for internet browsing, through subscriptions or through less transparent fees, such as digital advertising. In our envisioned environment, web users will enjoy a free Internet advertising, while web operators will still benefit from the financial reward.

  3. No follow-up In today's interconnected society, companies have adopted less transparent practices for online tracking and behavioral profiles. Very sensitive information, such as financial and health records, is often collected, thereby increasing the myriad of privacy concerns. Our combined tracker script blocker will severely disrupt the ability to continue tracking in real-time on user activity.

  4. Virus protection The massive expansion of the Internet and high levels of connectivity lead to a similar or even dramatic increase in cyberattacks to collect sensitive and confidential information. . One of the most prominent ways to perform network attacks is through infected websites that often contain hidden malware scripts. Our solution will protect end users by using anti-malware and anti-ad scripts that will protect their personal data and enhance their security.

  5. Faster Browsing Everyone knows that online advertising is slowing their browsing speed, so more and more users are using ad blocking to navigate the Internet faster. Through our solution, end users benefit from effects such as using an ad blocker, and enjoy a more secure and personal experience due to other features. Moreover, web operators can still make money from their web site content.

  6. Browser Extensions Our solution comes with extensions for all major desktop and mobile browsers and includes ad blocking, tracking script blockers, anti-malware software, and web wallets. Ultimately, we will integrate a voting system through which will help manage the internet.

  7. Mobile Applications Our mobile applications will act as a purse, ad blocker, script blocker and anti-malware tracker. Mobile apps will also include performance boosters and battery life to further improve the browsing experience.

  8. Our purse wallet will work on all major operating systems and browsers. Mobile and tablet PCs will have an app for wallets, ad blockers, tracking scripts, anti-malware and desktop operating systems that will also have dedicated applications.

  9. Market Our website will have a full section dedicated to finding all the places you can buy using the merchant system developed in-house. In addition, the market will contain detailed information on how other sellers can integrate our merchant system. Information about the international partnership will also be available.

  10. Merchants Merchants will be able to accept the payment of encryption through our system using our API or pre-made modules for the most popular ecommerce software solutions such as shopify , prestashop, opencart, magento and other products




The financial incentive for site operators will be online proof, namely a quantitative amount of user time spent on each site. Most importantly, people will benefit from a free, secure and private browsing experience on their ads. In addition, end users will be able to rank each site based on their experience, using a 1 to 5 star voting system. Stars will then be converted based on the algorithmic formula in the Trusted Rank, which will be a sign of the quality of each site, given by the visitor.


Online.io is a well thought-out project aimed at reshaping Internet space by involving blockchain mechanisms. Creating a fast and secure browsing ecosystem will revolutionize the browsing experience of users' privacy, and this can be considered a disruptive behavior for both users and site operators.
The Online.io Project Team provides an opportunity for both parties (consumers and site owners) to take advantage of faster browsing and removal of ads and malware, thus creating a more conducive environment. Better fit for quality and site trust.


Website: https://online.io/
White Paper: https://online.io/download/OIO-Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/OnlineIO
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OnlineIO_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Online.io/
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3452258

Bitcoin Talk Username: hieuvm1991
Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1861270
Ethereum Adress: 0x103Ba1E2f25029f95fA379125e6BCfF76F2f525A
Thank you for reading
Look forward to your feedback on this Online project!



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