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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
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Projects are born and trained for solutions. Millions of kinds of projects still present in Persolusian coloration on this earth. All but nothing and nothing for a solution to a better direction than before, in this session is just about the practical and ductile economic power.
As always, the energy and appeal of the latest projects. His name is also new, of course everything is still smooth and difficult in the face of the latest technology. In this beautiful new Bit Bose project, he comes by offering good news to those who want to join him.
Need to know BitBose with its platform is present to create a complete decentralized banking solution. Its existence will not only disrupt the normal banking structure, but will also offer investment opportunities based on blockhian technology around the ethereum.
BitBose is really a nice and promising project. Especially if it is related to a token problem. that the greatness of this project is to have its own token, known as BOSE or TokenBose. This is the utility token and base currency of the BitBose platform itself based on ERC20. Sisitem transactions are not just "Cepan" and transparent, with "Blockchain ethereum peer to peer" that can consume a very small niasa.
Tokenomi's Summary
Name Token - BOSE 
Website - /www.bitbose.com/ Offer 
Type - Token 
Tokens Sale - 300,000,000 
Currencies Accepted - BTC, ETH, FIAT 
ERC20 Token - YES 
Soft Cap - $ 5 Million 
Rigid Cap - $ 45 million
BitBose includes the following three components: 
• BitBose Exchange • BitBose 
• BitBose Smart Wallet 
These three components are fully integrated into the service platform.
When a participant buys BOSE (Token Platform), he automatically becomes a member of BitBose Bank.
The main feature of banks is the ability to allocate loans for qualified candidates. In a regular bank, the loan manager assesses who wants the loan, according to the valuation. This method is arbitrary and subject to error. 
BitBose uses artificial intelligence, which continues to learn from machine learning as a credit manager.
Artificial intelligence examines the possibility of clients who want a loan. By law, a client who wants a loan will be included in a trust ranking, which will determine the maximum amount he can use as a loan.
AI ensures that only the most reliable person receives the loan. As a guarantee, the person taking the loan must present part of his property as collateral.
Important Features of BitBose 
Bose Token is the motto of the ERC20-based BitBose platform using blockchain ethereum, which means the fastest and most transparent transaction with very low commissions. -Investment Banking Solutions This platform offers unique investment banking solutions, such as Portfolio Funds, Crypto Loans, Mining Rewards Program.
Intelligent hybrid trading solutions for trading and payments.
  • Our unique investment solution is designed to maintain adequate liquidity by trading multiple fiduciary and cryptographic currencies, which at first sight translates into modern intellectual business exchanges and modern payment solutions.
The team is made up of world-class developers, traders, financial consultants and blockchain experts. 
Bose Token Fully compatible with all the rules, Complilance, KYC and AML. 
Currently, you can buy your token at PRESALE with 40%
Crypto / Fiat Finance
On proof of the goodness of the programmers BitBose's Crypto Loans program is allowed to finance in crypto / fiat by depositing in their crypto on the BitBose platform.
Loan application and easy loan, instant approval and no credit check. Earn money directly credited to your bank account.
Competitive interest rate with no upfront fees. Maintain your reputation and enjoy financial freedom. In addition, there is no capital lock because you can withdraw your assets at any time.
For more details:

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