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Currency trading digital or known as cryptocurrency. But it must be in barengi with sophisticated technology so that traders become easy in trading activities. Currently there is a platform That Is Very useful in running and assist us in trading the cryptocurrency ie digital Ticks has gone a step ahead to Develop a more user friendly, featured pack, ultra-low latency crypto exchange with robust technology for providing good ease of trading . DTX plans to cater to all types of crypto assets. DTX would be able to provide a complete set of features for the trader.

A well-designed exchange by merchants for merchants. Digital Ticks Exchange will be a strength packed by many novice trader for professional traders as well as for high-frequency traders.
Semi Algo / HFT
Trade Multiple Crypto's
Single Portfolio View
OCO Orders
Some Device Compatibility
Anyone who contributes to the Token Sales will be given a unique, active referral link.
A referrer will receive an additional token amount of 5% of the tokens bought by all the buyers they refer. In addition, the buyers will also get an additional 5% tokens.
An additional 5% of this token bonus will be collected from the 10% fund provided by Digital Ticks.
For example, if your friend purchases 100 DTX Tokens using your referral link
You will receive: 5 DTX Tokens.
Your friend will receive: 105 DTX Token.

To take advantage of a 50% discount on the Exchange Commission
To take advantage of Volume discounts
To pay a withdrawal fee
To pay the listing fee
To pay for analytical performance, such as research reports
Strategic investments by beneficiary members of the exchange.
Token Details:
DTX will be available for pre-sale from 25th March 2018. One can purchase DTX token by giving equivalent amount of BTC / ETH / WIRE TRANSFER. Wire transfer would be acceptable through our Intermediaries across the globe.

DTX Tokens can be purchased by exchanging the equivalent amount of BTC / ETH WIRE TRANSFER. Wire transfer would be accepted through our Intermediaries across the globe.

Referral program during DTX token sale phase referral program:
Each crowdsale participant will be provided with a unique URL referral.
To receive an additional amount of DTX Tokens equal to 5% of the DTX Tokens bought by all of their buyers.
This additional 5% is taken from the reserved.
For example:
You and a friend both purchase 100 DTX Token, but your friend signs up using your referral link.
You will receive: 105 DTX Token.
Your friend will receive: 100 DTX Token.


For more details:

Ann thread:
Telegram: https: // t .me / digitalticksexchange


My Bitcointalk profile link -;u=1182404

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