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Paid advertising viewing system [Scammers] Reviews

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Translated with the help of Google translator specially for the English-speaking audience. In this thread, we'll talk about scammers with the name - Paid advertising viewing system. They are cloning sites and around the world there are already several thousand such fraudulent sites. Usually scammers create several sites at once, sometimes even 20 at a time. They promise up to $ 300 per day, but in reality they do not pay anything and never paid. This time in the topic I will include 39 sites that were created recently, but that's not all! because scammers have the bulk of sites for the Russian-speaking audience and there are more than 1000 sites.


Here is the list of sites:


1. awmoney.club
2. formoney.host
3. eumoney.host
4. oumoney.club
5. okmoney.club
6. oemoney.club
7. ambmoney.club
8. bbmoney.club
9. awzmoney.club
10. bstmoney.club
11. astmoney.club
12. vmoney.host
13. uwmoney.club
14. qrmoney.club

15. zxmoney.club
16. admoney.host
17. rmoney.host
18. upmoney.host
19. fsmoney.site
20. eemoney.site
21. mymoney.host

22. addmoney.club
23. eumoney.site
24. eumoney.club
25. ermoney.club
26. plusmoney.win
27. vbmoney.host

28. ksmoney.site
29. xmoney.host
30. addmoney.host
31. plusmoney.site
32. plusmoney.host
33. bizmoney.host
34. qwmoney.club
35. rbmoney.site
36. gmoney.tech
37. addmoney.bid
38. admoney.bid
39. admoney.win

40. paymoney.club
41. fetchmoney.club
42. moneymake.club
43. moneytake.club
44. moneyfetch.club
45. somoney.club
46. wdmoney.club
47. scmoney.club
48. pwdmoney.club
49. drawmoney.club
50. gainmoney.club
51. pwrmoney.club
52. sdmoney.club
53. getmoney.men
54. pwmoney.win
55. wmmoney.host

I do not advise spending your time and money on these scammers! nothing they paid, they do not pay and they will never pay. I'm waiting for reviews about scammers

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