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SCAM! Viewing payed advertising sites, Paid advertising viewing system, Reviews.

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Translated with the help of Google translator specially for the English-speaking audience



Name - Paid advertising viewing system

Full name of scammers - viewing payed advertising sites

In this thread, let's talk about serial scammers. They already have more than 1000 sites on which they deceive users. Over the past few weeks scammers have created more than a hundred sites, about 100 sites that I wrote in another topic, here I write about 26 new. They promise 10 cents for each viewed ad unit. On the day of promise to pay from 50 to 300 dollars. The purpose of the site is to steal your personal data. 


2017-09-18 17_45_35-Viewing payed advertising sites bemoney.site - Welcome!.png


Here is a list of fraudulent sites:



1. hrmoney.site
2. mdmoney.site
3. mymoney.press
4. onmoney.press
5. fmoney.club
6. smoney.club
7. qmoney.host
8. ezmoney.press
9. cntmoney.site
10. upmoney.site
11. stmoney.site
12. mdmoney.press
13. qmoney.club
14. jmoney.site
15. emoney.fun
16. vbmoney.site
17. xlmoney.site
18. bemoney.site
19. smoney.site
20. stepmoney.site
21. imoney.host
22. vmoney.site
23. yemoney.site
24. fmoney.site
25. formoney.press
26. esmoney.site


Leave your feedback about these scammers! - Reviews.

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