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ТОП 1 Блог о инвестициях в СНГ
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SCAM - Paid advertising viewing system. Reviews

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I do not know English, I translate it through an interpreter! So do not judge strictly :)


Information for the English-speaking population:


In this thread, we'll talk about scammers with the name - Paid advertising viewing system. These sites have a huge number of clones. All of them are united by the fact that they do not pay money. They promise to pay up to 300 dollars a day. All information on these sites is fake! Scammers have created more than 1000 sites around the world and have deceived a huge number of people. I do not advise even to register and enter their data there, because scammers can steal and sell them to spammers. It is impossible to earn so much money without investments and experience! This is just a fraudulent scheme and nothing more.

Информация для русскоязычного населения:

У мошенников уже более 1000 клонов, все они никогда не платили и не будут платить деньги! Мошенники воруют ваши данные и продают спамерам. Обещают тут от 50 до 300 долларов, но это не реально без вложений и опыта! Тем более за 3-5 часов вдень! это полнейший бред. Вся информация на сайте поддельная, отзывы, новости - всё это было заранее написано. Не советую тратить время на подобные лохотроны! Ознакомьтесь со списком ниже.


Here is a list of fraudulent sites:


1. vacmoney.club
2. bormoney.club
3. vefmoney.club
4. cedmoney.club
5. cobmoney.club
6. fepmoney.club
7. fowmoney.club
8. sutmoney.club
9. tacmoney.club
10. rexmoney.club
11. fenmoney.club
12. kabmoney.club
13. pekmoney.club
14. zesmoney.club
15. cuvmoney.club
16. wecmoney.club
17. gepmoney.club
18. gokmoney.club
19. dapmoney.club
20. docmoney.club
21. dommoney.club
22. earmoney.club
23. fabmoney.club
24. darmoney.club
25. rovmoney.club




News starts before the site is created .. Sites job only a couple of days, and they attributed months of work to themselves. Waiting for your feedback on these scammers ( Reviews

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