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  • SCAM! Paid advertising viewing system - Reviews


    Review on a fraudulent site. Name - Paid advertising viewing system. They promise a lot of money, but do not pay anything at all. They promise 10 cents for viewing the ad unit. 50 - 300 dollars a day. I do not advise you to spend your time on such sites.

    List of sites:

    1. iwomoney.xyz
    2. wnomoney.xyz
    3. cfomoney.xyz
    4. bgamoney.club
    5. bnemoney.icu
    6. iuzmoney.xyz
    7. kwymoney.icu
    8. svomoney.icu
    9. ebomoney.icu
    10. enimoney.xyz
    11. jatmoney.icu
    12. efomoney.club
    13. udymoney.icu

    On the Internet you will find only negative reviews about these sites!

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